Goalkeeping was a major issue in the EA last year, because FIFA 15 gave us new goalkeeping concept, unfortunately with many bugs and glitches. In recent patches, many bugs the discover and fix it, but this process was very annoying and time-consuming. Fortunately enough, FIFA 16 is giving us new goalkeeping approach and improvement gameplay.

The biggest problem with goalkeeping in FIFA 15 was long distance goals when a player with good shot accuracy could easily score a goal without any resistance. This issue as fixed in FIFA 16 and ability of the goalkeeper to run quickly back toward the goal line. New version of the game also brings improved defense players algorithms that will increase the natural response of the defense line. All those improvements will result in much harder possibility to score a goal from a distance, hopefully it will reflect the chances from the real life. In previous versions of the game it was very easy to score back quickly and efficiently directly from half line. In FIFA 16 it will not be a piece of the cake, you will need to put additional effort to score a goal from such position.

One of the major changes in FIFA 16 is that famous tackling is back in the game! One of the most neglected features of the gameplay in previous versions was a absence of free tackling, but it will be changed in the FIFA 16. In FIFA 15 slide tackling was very bad implemented with questionable accuracy and timing. Now, FIFA 16 is going back to almost manual sliding introduced in FIFA 13. All those improvements will result in huge gameplay variations and almost unlimited combinations on the field. Another feature that is restored in FIFA 16 is block to block slide tackle. This will give much more intensity into the game and the tackling will look very realistic in the practice. Recovery time is also improved, so now because not take long to recover after a tackle move. You will need fast reflexes and good coordination, because FIFA 16 with those improvements will be much faster and agile game.You will also need free FIFA 16 Coins to get the best possible players, so keep yourself up to date with newest coins generators on the market.

Another major change in FIFA 16 comes in the form of No Touch Dribbling that will work if you have enough momentum on the ball. When you are dribbling you will be able to turn in any direction, but you will not be in the contact with the ball, because the ball will be a little bit ahead.

We just revealed several improvements that will hit FIFA 16 in September! Until then, check our site regularly for more exciting news!


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