Fifa 16 is a worldwide phenomenon and entire community of gamers is joking only about these game. In this short article will try to cover some technical tips and tricks that may help you to enjoy more in this beautiful game. Not only that you can generate free fifa coins on our site, in this post you can find out the best settings for your game.

Actually, we are giving you fresh new tips and tricks about Fifa 16 regarding setting up your control and what is very important proper angle of your camera in the game. Once when you start to play a game it is important to have proper camera angle, especially if you playing in larger screens. To adjust these options, you should go in gameplay settings and first thing that you want to do is to turn off radar. Many players do not use this option, so if you are also not using it simply to turn it off. Of course, if you use this option just do not change anything. Another option that you would like to switch it off is new feature in the game.

That new feature in the game is FIFA trainer option. FIFA trainer is available only for new players, in other words if you played previous versions of the game, you definitely do not need these option. You can simply turn it off. If you are a new player to the game, then you would like to have this option on, as your trainer will teach you basic skills and moves. Another tweak that you can use in a settings is assisted mode relating to passing, crosses, and switching. You can also set it to manual, but it will require a more proficiency from a player.

Let us discuss a little bit about controller setting. If you already played the game before, and you are accustomed to with the full settings of your controller, you can leave it on default if you like. From other side, if you want to change the way that the buttons are sat, you can change the position of functions. Most players are leaving attacking buttons intact, while changing few defensive options.

And finally, let us discuss about angle of camera, because it is very important for your successful gameplay in the game. Fifa 16 is bringing a lot of different options for your camera, but you should select tele broadcast angles for best view. Try to change height to 15 and zoom to 6, as this is setting used by professional Fifa players.

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